Who needs product information management (PIM) systems?

13 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Whether you are a small business owner, the CEO or marketing manager of a big brand, or even a manufacturing company, you need product information management solutions. These systems help you create, organize, and distribute accurate and consistent product information across several sales channels. 

Who needs PIM systems?

1. Small businesses 

Although companies that sell large quantities of products benefit more from PIM solutions, small businesses derive benefits too. They also need to keep product information like weight, price, name, and so on in a central repository, from where they can easily share them with buyers. 

2. Online stores 

Using PIM software, online stores can create, add to, and even change their product information. They are also able to add new product categories to their offerings. All of these give their customers a better product experience. 

3. Manufacturers 

Manufacturing companies can easily create product information when they use PIM solutions. They also find it easier to sell on various channels like websites and online marketplaces. 

4. Marketing departments 

Company marketing departments use PIM systems to aggregate product information for use in promotional campaigns. They can also use PIM solutions to create catalogues, whether online or in print.

5. Others

Others who require PIM solutions are; 

* eCommerce managers 

eCommerce managers use PIM systems to make products, along with their precise information, available online. They are also able to distribute updated product information using this software.

* Product marketers 

The PIM software is the product manager’s best friend for accurate and up-to-date product information. Marketers update product listings with information gleaned from their PIM system. 

* Creators 

Content creators like photographers, copywriters, and others, also use PIM platforms. They rely on accurate product information from PIM systems to produce their materials. 

In this digital age, information is very important. People want to know virtually everything about any given product. And believe it, there’s so much information tied to every single product that without support from a DIM software, you may struggle to compete with other eCommerce businesses. You can get helt with PIM from Encode.