Unique Link Building Hacks

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Unique Link Building Hacks

Who does not like free links? All websites, marketers, and companies strive to get it. But what if you could do so in fast and fireproof ways instead? Read on below and also visit https://www.dadkhah.dk/linkbuilding/


  1. Achieve easy links by Link reclamation

Each time a website’s author mentions your company in their content, they do not usually link to you. Even though they should link, it rarely happens. However, if you give those website owners a slight nudge, they will gladly change your unmentioned part into a link. If you are thinking whether you know someone who mentioned you without you knowing, hop on BuzzSumo to find out. 

  1. Gain bonus links via reverse image search

Almost all websites publish visualizations such as charts, videos, graphs, pictures, infographics, and more. If you do so as well, there are definitely other websites that are utilizing your visualizations without giving you citations. But do not get hyped up because similar to the above tip, you can send them a friendly email as a link reclamation. This is just another opportunity to gain new links. On the other hand, there is also a tool for this purpose. It is known as Google reverse image search which discovers websites utilizing your visualizations without any link. 

  1. Send mails in the afternoons

If you have sent countless outreach emails, you must have realized something. A huge tip is to figure out the recipient’s time zone and send them the email when it is afternoon there so that they’re better able to spot it. If you send it in the morning which people normally do, it is most likely to get lost in the other new emails. 

  1. Go on podcast interviews

Instead of writing, drafting, and editing the guest posts, you should enter into any podcast. Just show up and talk about your preferred topic. You’ll get a link just for doing this.